The Green Light

There are some things that your parents tell you that you never quite believe.  I think that this stems from all of the  “Because I said so”s and “If you make that face its going to get stuck that way”s.  You learn to take what they say with a grain of salt. I remember when I was little I knew that the burner on our stove was hot.  It was red, after all.  Mom had told me never to touch it.  But, I didn’t really believe her.  I stuck my hand down on it and had coil burn marks in my palm for two weeks.  It hurt.  You would think I would start believing what my parents said, but its just hard.

Yesterday, one of the things that my parents had told me about, but that I never really fully believed, was proven to me.  And it was beautiful.  It didn’t hurt at all.  Living in Maui, as they have off and on for the last three years, my parents have made a habit of going to the beach to watch the sunset every night.  I know, they have it really rough.  The first year they were there, they claimed that on a cloudless night, as the sun went down, at the last moment that it was on the horizon, it turned green in a green flash of light.  Dad sent me scientific data to prove that such a thing exists.  We came over, went to sunset and it never happend.  There was always a cloud in the way.  We never saw it.  So, I didn’t really believe. 

Until last night.  I could easily have missed it.  I was chasing Clara around the beach.  She wanted to run and splash her feet in the water, but Dad made sure that I was watching.  He didn’t want the blame if I missed it.  Down went the sun, red ball of flame into the blue ocean as I stood with my toes in the warm sand.  Clara sat on my hip as I told her that we were watching the sunset and that the sun was that ball in the sky, but that its really a star.  And then as it disappeared, it turned green, bright green!  It wasn’t so much a flash as a moment of pure green in the sky at the point where the sun disappeared.  It was just amazing to watch because it was just so unexpected, despite the fact that I had been told to expect it.  And I have to admit that I really should believe more of what my parents tell me.  Well, at least sometimes.

The green flash
The green light, as captured by Mom, 2/6/09


1 Response to “The Green Light”

  1. 1 Rick February 7, 2009 at 8:41 pm

    What BS. I also told you to use spell check. I hope to live long enough to see Clara dis-believe what you tell her. But not enough to end my bad health habits.

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