Everything I ever needed to know, I learned at Camp Silver Creek

1)  Be crazy and silly for no reason… its super fun!  At camp, people will do anything that they are asked to do (well, within reason)… men dressing up as girls, campers singing for their mail, having to sing “Happy Birthday” to yourself, grown-ups eating with no hands, whole groups of people blindly sitting on wet sponges, whole cabins running around in painted cardboard armor… That’s what makes camp fun!

2)  Good will always win out over evil… at least in Camp games where you can see a white horse (ridden by a woman in a wedding dress) being chased at a gallop across a field by a band of black horses and their evil riders?  The evil-doers are always overcome by the good campers.

3)  When you’re really tired and feel like you just can’t go on… keep going and jump in the lake.  You’ll feel better afterward. That’s what you’re supposed to do after a good long overnight hike… Shelburg falls anyone?

4)  When in doubt, eat more bacon.  ‘Nough said.

5)  A bit of paint will change anyone into an alien, Hogwarts student, carnival freak… pretty much anything they might want to be.

6)  Swimming can and should happen any time of day, multiple times a day.

7)  Places that seem scary at night most certainly are the coolest places ever in the daytime… besides, they filmed Star Wars there and the Ewoks loved it.


8)  If you need a little quiet time, arts and crafts will always be there for you.


9)  Life is nothing without someone to give your magic penny to.

10)  While it seems that everything changes, really, everything stays exactly the same and we are the ones who are changing.  Silver Creek, with its lack of electricity and technology, classic games and activities, and beautiful, timeless forest is the epitome of this.  There are few places left where we can go and truly understand this today, and I, for one, am grateful to have this experience every year.


1 Response to “Everything I ever needed to know, I learned at Camp Silver Creek”

  1. 1 Rick July 14, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    How could you possibly learn everything you need to know if there were no panty raids?????

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