Emotion Bears

Our theme for this month in playschool is emotions.  I saw these adorable bears from Kid’s Craft Weekly, and we had to make them!  I made an angry bear, happy bear, and sad bear as examples and did a little puppet show about sharing for the kids.  Then, they made their own.  They needed some help with the gluing, but I was surprised that both Clara and Lucy were able to draw eyes for their bears on their own.  All we did was add some pupils.  We drew the mouths for them, though.  Clara wanted an angry bear, but everyone else wanted a happy bear… go figure.

Then I hung up a shower rod with a towel over it in the doorway of the living room and the kids did their own “puppet show” which mainly consisted of flailing the bears around and laughing and screaming, but was adorable.
Finally, we ate snack: cheese, grapes, raspberries, and bear muffins that Clara and I made, which looked more like beavers, I think, but tasted good.
It was a fun day! Can’t wait to see how much Clara learns about emotions and connects them to real life experiences. We just finished the theme of growing and Clara talks about growing in so many different contexts now. Its amazing!!


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  1. 1 Kristen September 10, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    Super Mom to the rescue!

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