I Spy Bottle

Back in January, when we were planning a crazy road trip to the Bay Area to meet my niece (which was weirdly snowed out), I made and bought a bunch on things to entertain Clara in the back seat of the car for hours at a time.  Most of them were fun for a while, but then she got over them.  The I Spy Bottle that I made has been a huge hit since then, though.  She likes to shake it up, then look at her “list” and see if she can find anything.  I got this brilliant idea from Pink and Green Mama.  Since we are doing some potty training this week and need to stay at home for a few days and we have a birthday party in need of a present on Sunday, we spent part of the day making one for Clara’s friend Sophia.  Shhh… don’t tell.  It’s a surprise!

Step 1: Gather a bunch of little items and take a picture of them.  This is what we put in Sophia’s bottle.  Clara’s has a bit more in it since I had more time to think about it.  It doesn’t take much, though and it could be anything that would fit inside an empty pop bottle.


Step 2: Put all your small objects into a clean, dry pop bottle with a lid. Make sure to look VERY serious while you do this.


Step 3: Add rice to fill up the space and “hide” the objects. All I had that I wanted to use today was brown minute rice (yuck!! I bought it once and decided that the 40 minute wait for normal brown rice was totally worth it) and that wasn’t all that pretty, so we added a few tablespoons of sequins to make it a bit nicer looking. Make sure that you leave at least an inch to two inches at the top so that you have room to shake it around to look for the objects.


Step 4: Hot glue all around the threads of the lid and twist it on tightly. That should keep toddler/preschooler fingers from opening it. You could alternatively use super glue if you had it.

Step 5: Print out your picture and cover it with contact paper. Punch a hole in it and tie it around the top of the bottle. That way you’ll know what objects to look for!

Step 6: Play “I Spy” or just shake it up and see what you can find!


3 Responses to “I Spy Bottle”

  1. 1 Kristen March 19, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    That is SUPER cool! I could even do that! I would just have to find the bottle, I think that I could sacrifice for Drew and drink a soda!

  2. 2 Karen March 19, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    What’s the matter with a water bottle Kristen? This is so wierd, we were driving to 14 beach this week and I was thinking of Clara here and of a game we used to play in the car, I spy, but with things we could see outside. And also the alphabet game, starting with A any one that can find someting out or in the car that starts with A etc. My fav is C for cow!! But trees, signs, etc. Hope Sophie likes the bottle very good idea.

    Have to say Your chile is Dad’s favorite.

  3. 3 carrita March 21, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    Have you thought about saving your blog onto a disk so that Clara and Nancy can read it when they get older? Can you do such a thing? I think they would really appreciate all you did when they were toddlers/babies. You are really quite amazing!

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