Outdoor time: Scavenger Hunt!

I always wanted to do a full blown, drive around town in your car with all your best buddies and find a huge list of fun stuff, trying to beat another team to the finish line scavenger hunt as a kid.  I never got to.  Maybe I’ll have to organizeone some day.  But I did organize an easy version for little kids that will get them outside and learning about some to flora in an area as well as landmarks that you can choose. I did this scavenger hunt for camp when we took a couple of Clara’s friends (and their parents) up to camp for a night and had a blast. Besides boating and playing in the ball box and running around and having a campfire, this preschooler sized photo scavenger hunt was a hit. You could easily do it for your backyard or neighborhood!

Scavenger hunt card (right to left, top to bottom): Hemlock cone, salmonberry, foxglove, Douglas Fir cone, the Huckleberry bush, the bell, sword fern, creek rocks

I made one scavenger hunt card for each kid and put them on cardstock and covered them with contact paper in the hopes that we could use them every year at camp for at least a few years.  Then we set out to find all of the objects on the card.  And they did it!  We had to help a little bit by getting them in the right area and then asking them if they saw anything that looked like something on their list, but overall they did great.  They also ate a ton of salmonberries and huckleberries.  We ended finding the rocks by the creek and spending some time throwing them in the creek, but had to stop after some head-rock collison near misses.  But, this was a totally easy and fun time.  I didn’t get any pictures from the actual scavenger hunt, but here’s a cute one of all three kids in a hammock in the forest.  Fun times!


2 Responses to “Outdoor time: Scavenger Hunt!”

  1. 1 Kristen August 5, 2010 at 9:57 am

    No picture of them eating the berries or finding the stuff? How do you have time to make all of this stuff up? You are super mommy for sure!

  2. 2 Karen August 7, 2010 at 11:40 am

    Good idea, could maybe work on a rainy day inside too

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