Recycling Juice Boxes

We don’t drink much juice here, but when we go on long car drives, I find that it is a wonderful for plying quiet time out of a certain three-year old.  So, after our last road trip to Bend, we had two juice boxes in the back seat of the car.  I couldn’t let such treasures go to waste.  I remembered this great idea and decided that Monsters are always in season.
After cutting the juice boxes open, I had the kids fill them with pinto beans and then taped them closed again. Then we covered them with felt and cut some hair out on the tops. Then the kids got to work decorating with scraps of felt, buttons, and googlie eyes. But mostly with glue. Lots of glue.
They seemed to take forever to dry, but were such a hit, especially with Drew that his has to live on the dining room table and eats every meal with him. He’s not a scary monster, though.


3 Responses to “Recycling Juice Boxes”

  1. 1 Rick March 17, 2011 at 11:34 pm

    How about wine boxes—I can supply those.
    Remember when you were little and the wine box bags were shiny silver material and we blew up empty ones and you & your sister painted them for some occasion to give to your mother? She didn’t like it much—go figure!

  2. 2 Karen March 18, 2011 at 5:45 pm

    Uh Huh- my birthday as I recall, these are way cuter,cause Dad has no artistic talent with wine bags!!!Clara and Drew did a great job I love it.

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