Rice Christmas Trees

This is one of those brilliant crafts that pretty much every age can do together.  I love that!  Lately the toddlers just want to be into everything that the big kids are and the beading projects that we have been doing have been torture for them and for me.  Another one of those later this week.  But, this one is joyfully inclusive.

This project idea came from Lilla A, a Sweedish blogger who is doing and incredible Christmas Craft Advent thing that is very inspiring.  Inspiring in an I would probably go crazy kind of way, but very fun to watch from afar.
I cut out some card stock trees (in red, because I was out of green).  Then the kids painted watered down glue all over the tree.
Next, we dipped them in dry rice (glue side down) until they were covered.

Then I put some drops of glue all over the trees and the kids got to decorate with whatever they felt like (sequins, buttons, googlie eyes, pom poms, etc.).  Fun times for everyone and only Nancy ate the dry rice, so successful, too!


1 Response to “Rice Christmas Trees”

  1. 1 Karen December 21, 2011 at 4:49 pm

    They were very cute, Nancy must love rice! Looks like Chloe was careful not to get those fingers dirty! HO HO HO Remember only 5days away, as my oldest Grandchild told me today!! The quote of the day!

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