Beaded Trees

This project turned out to be much harder than expected.  Not for the preschoolers.  They did fine and had fun, but for the toddlers.  I was not expecting them to want to join in.  They used to be content to just go do their own thing in these situations, but no longer.  So there were a lot of beads all over my dining room and a lot of impatience.  But, they turned out pretty.  So that’s something.  I don’t recommend doing this will the one-year-old set, though.

These were from a Russian (?) blog via Crafty Crow.  Looks like there’s a ton of beading project ideas there if you’re looking for more.

These only required beads and pipe cleaners, so that was a plus for me, too.  I just pulled the whole project out of my (newly organized!) art closet and got started.


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