Back to school, Back to reality

I know that this is going to sound completely lame to anyone who has never been a stay-at-home mom for more than a year, but this whole going to kindergarten thing is rough.  For me, it has nothing to do with “my baby going off to school,” as she loves it and really, I was ready for a little just Nancy and me time anyway.  But, where it gets hard is that I have not had a five day a week schedule for five years.  Five glorious years of calling my own shots.  If I didn’t want to go out, we didn’t go out.  If I wanted to go play at the park, that’s what we did.  And we didn’t need to hurry to get there, either.  So, now we have to be there on time.  At 7:50 in the morning.  With our lunch packed and the kid looking presentable and well-fed.  Sheeesh!  Its been a long week.  But, we’re hanging in there.

Some pictures of the cutie this week…

The night before the first day of school we held a back-to-school feast with our real china plates and also set some goals for the year. For the kids that were going to start school I made crowns and little rice filled fleece hearts to hang on to if they got lonely. Don’t worry, nobody used them, but they can be hand warmers when it gets cold, too.

The first day of class, I walked Clara into her class and got her settled in. Nancy immediately sat down in a chair and expected to stay, too. Poor thing. Then when we left, Nancy got very worried about us leaving Clara there. Clara just got right down to business and reported that her teacher was like a princess. So far so good. She rode the bus home by herself and that was apparently the best part of the day.

Finally, our other big first this week was that Daddy started coaching soccer for Clara this week. We had our first practice and game this week. Everybody seems to be having a great time. Go Sharks!


3 Responses to “Back to school, Back to reality”

  1. 1 Karen September 16, 2012 at 2:34 pm

    Hooray, for Clara, so many new things in one week and she handled them ALL with ease, good job to both Mom and Dad. Now come on Mom you can do it!!!

  2. 2 Rick September 16, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    Yeah, it might be hard to get back into a routine with time deadlines and everything—–I’m not gonna try—-not worried about failure, afraid of success.

  3. 3 latebloomershow September 17, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    Brings back great memories. Love the crown. Very Waldorf (Steiner)! – Kaye

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