Thanksgiving Art

Clara and most of her friends don’t have school this week, due to conferences and Thanksgiving, so I decided that a little art play date was in order.  It was a bit of a logistical puzzle to figure out where to put all of the activities in the house, but we had a fun time.  We did three art activities: thankful turkeys, leaf and bean collages, and leaf placemats.  I’m planning on a Christmas Art playdate over winter break as well.

Thankful Turkeys

I got this idea from Pinterest (here) and loved how easy they were and how bright the feathers were using paint samples.  I cut brown foam circles, and orange foam beaks, then hole punched the paint samples and put out googlie eyes, glue, brads, and markers.  I think that these were the kindergartener’s favorite project and they especially seemed to like writing their own things they were thankful for.

Leaf Mandalas/Collages
I loved this idea because it was just so pretty, but it seems that in a playdate situation, the patterning involved in this was a bit too hard for everyone to concentrate on. Despite that, this was the toddler’s favorite craft because it involved spreading glue all over and then sticking things to it. Most of the toddlers created more than one.

I glued paper leaves from Dollar Tree to cardstock to set up, then set out glue and paint brushes and a pan full of beans (left over from our halloween sensory bin!). Then I let the kids go for it.

Leaf Placemats
This was a super easy craft to set up and for the kids to do. I set out pressed leaves, contact paper, construction paper, and googlie eyes. Most of the kids made leaf people on their placemats, although I didn’t really think through how putting plates on top of googlie eyes would work.


1 Response to “Thanksgiving Art”

  1. 1 Rick November 20, 2012 at 11:52 pm

    Sorry, you’ve got it wrong. Thanksgiving is about the “art” of cooking.

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