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What did we do while quarantined for H1N1?


1)  Orange apple print pumpkins

2)  Painted contact paper leaf collage

3)  Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

4)  Butterfly wings for Halloween


Leaf Crowns

Today in preschool we made these adorable crowns, except with fall leaves instead of flowers.  It was a great, toddler age appropriate project.  Sticking fun things on tape or contact paper is always a hit and leaves no messy glue puddles to worry about.  I think that this occupied them for a good 15-20 minutes and then there was the time spent running around with them on their heads and pulling them down over their eyes to play peek-a-boo with.  It was a good time for all!

Art Wall Update #2

We have all new art on the art wall as of today!  I could have probably done this a couple of weeks ago, but ahhh, that’s life.

From top  left to bottom right:

  • Spooky spider (a la Sarah)
  • Marker drawing (mostly practicing writing Os)
  • Finger painting from Lesley’s house
  • Apple printing at Courtney’s house
  • Emotion collage (I love contact paper!!)
  • Dot painting and hand print
  • Buzzing bee made at OMSI

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